The Story Behind R2 Pictures and the Movie
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER is Richard S. Telesca's first independent feature film.  R2 Pictures and SHOULDER TO SHOULDER is actually a collaboration between father and son; Director, Richard S. Telesca (Rick) and his father and writer, Richard J. Telesca.  Richard J is an original member of the Senator team depicted in the film and developed the story based on his own experience with the team when Rick was still in High School and an aspiring film maker.  Despite receiving inquiries from production companies, Richard gave the script to Rick as a graduation gift when Rick graduated college with a degree in Cinema Production.  And, the connection runs deeper than just father and son.  Rick, a hockey player himself, became a Senator a number of years ago and carries on the tradition of the team.  While the story focuses on the original Senators, over the years many players have worn the colors.  Being a hockey player and playing for the team gives Rick a greater appreciation of the story and why it is more than just about a game.  This movie is a tribute to the team captain, who has kept the team together all these years, as well as all the Senators and their families, and a testament to our ability to overcome any obstacle life presents us with a little help from our friends.

This project is not unlike the Senator's story.  While Rick is a talented cinematographer and editor and has completed a number of noteworthy short films like "Besteigung" and the "The Children of Angel Creek," The Senators is a greater challenge.  To assist him, he has assembled an experienced team of business and production professionals. But regardless of the obstacles, with a little help from our friends it will get done and done well because as the story goes, Senators "don't back down and they don't give up!"

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